On Tuesday morning I got a request about commercial portrait photography. The person on the phone told me that he will wear a fireman uniform. I never photographed a firemen before so I was really excited. Commercial portrait photo shoot is always different. Every time you try to capture not only the smart look of your model but also a personality. This is a tricky bit.

If you imagine that you get to spend less than one hour with a stranger but must find out as much as possible. Well it may sounds hard but camera has something special in it. A good photographer can make you feel really comfortable that you will uncover your real You. If someone asked me what does it mean to be a good photographer I would describe it as a person you feel really comfortable with. A person worth to share yours thoughts and ideas, and portrait photography is the best test for it. Commercial portrait must include a bit of both – smart, professional look and the character of the photographed person. Did I achieved it on this occasion. Please look through gallery and let me know if you can read a bit about Chris from the photos I took.

My model was Chris Gannon who played in the Peterborough Premier League. Chris is also know for being a British pioneer of global fire service reform. It was a fantastic experience for me and great chance to meet a great person. The reason for the commercial photo shoot – Chris is a founder and first Chief Fire Officer on British West Indies. I very much admire him for what he had achived and I’m really glad that he used Peterborough Photography Studio for his commercial portrait. Thank you one more time Chris.

Chris Gammon a British pioneer of global fire service reform first Chief Fire Officer on British West Indies Chris Gammon portrait of the fireman Chris Gammon